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Group 5-6 y. o.

The time has come! Our little treasures have grown and can independently participate in the classes, while parents observe their progress.


Supported by science, we will help them to develop strength, flexibility, manual dexterity, and eye-hand coordination.


Thanks to our joint commitment, children will notice that hard tasks and routine can turn into eagerly awaited pleasure, and by carefully following instructor's advice in the form of a carefree play during classes, will become proud for themselves.

Group 7-9 y. o.

We now reach the age when children participate in their classes with even more awareness.


They understand more about how their body works and realise what their strengths are. We engage in slightly more advanced play, games and motor activities: relay races, team races and obstacle courses.


We introduce a full range of body-shaping exercises – not forgetting to stay focused on suppleness and stability. Of course, all of this is a part of continual fun so that the smile wouldn’t come off their faces!

Group 10-15 y. o.

Your child still wants to attend classes!


This is due to our joint success, especially since we live in times of avoiding physical effort!


Let’s nurture good habits in our youth! Your child realises they are “simply” a fit person.

This is a result of THEIR work.


There is no better motivation to excel than by achieving successes and performing exercises their peers haven’t even heard about. 

Group "Silver" or "Gold"

You can’t learn all the exercises overnight. Only by working patiently on your body, coordination, strength, suppleness, speed and all the other fitness elements over a long time, can you reach such a high level.


By adding freedom, smoothness, and finesse of performing individual exercises, we can obtain our perfect figure's image. For this reason, we have formed groups with more intense training, where we will teach more difficult exercises and their combinations: Silver Group for children 7 to 9 years of age, and Golden Group for children and teenagers 10 to 15 years of age.


What can we then expect from the silver and golden groups?

Above all, more focus on developing motor skills and more accuracy and precision of performing the exercises. We do slightly less play and instead focus on more intense exercises, i.e. higher strength, suppleness, speed and coordination, resulting in better fitness.


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